ATA, stakeholders chart a more sustainable course in Ifako-Ijaiye

Hon Adewale Temitope Adedeji, Member House of Assembly representing Ifako-Ijaiye Constituency 01 and Chairman House Committee on Transportation on Thursday, October 29 sues for peace in Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government as Stakeholders chart a more sustainable course.

The son of the late seasoned politician and former Member House of Representatives, Dr Elijah Olú Adewale, calls for deliberation on feats to be achieved and not those already attained during the Constituency Stakeholders meeting which was held in all the constituencies of the State, as he declared the deliberation open. 

Members of the community however identified the major bane of the local government as the presence of “some lawless neighbours” within the Constituency. 

The first contributor, Prince Olusegun Adedoja, Chairman, Old Akute Road CDA advised that the Railway line and Jonathan Coker Road should be rid of all shanties for sanity to be restored in the crisis prone Fagba axis. He stated that the place harbours hoodlums and touts. 

The old man also wants the young Okada Riders to be banned. He alleged that they foster crises and the Nigerian Police has not been able to tame them. He noted that the security operatives are even partial towards the northerners when it comes to law enforcement. 

“The police are afraid of the northerners, when it comes to them, they’re partial and that isn’t the way they relate or manage other tribes. They do things recklessly, cause chaos and all sorts of atrocities, and in the end, they still escape the wrath of the law”.

CO Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps, Ifako-Ijaiye, reiterated the words of Prince Adedoja on the threat posed by the teenage Okada Riders. 


Some northerners were identified as being troublesome, unfriendly, aggressive and they find it so easy to inflict pain or damage on other people, lives and properties. 

The Leader of the House, Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government, Hon Abiodun Akinola spoke about the revenue being taken by Ojokoro LCDA from Abattoir. In his words, Ifako-Ijaiye isn’t benefiting from there but they always share their woes in times of crisis and calamities. He said something should quickly be done about it as their commitments to it amounts to waste of resources. 

Mr Tunde Jokotoye also wants the state to work on boundary disputes, he averred that the existing adjustment is faulty. 

NIREC Co-Chairman, and Baba Adini of Ifako-Ijaiye/Ojokoro, Alh. Oyedeji, who came with the message of Olú Iju Ishaga, wants the presence of the local government to be felt at the boundaries. 

Hon. Jongbo, Education Secretary of the local government in his own contribution demands the presence of security personnels at the schools. Without that, everything being provided there is exposed to risk. 

Responding, Hon Adewale expressed that a lasting solution is coming to the railway crisis. “The governor and speaker of the state were there at Fagba, they came to ensure a lasting solution”. 

On reckless Okada Riders, he said their union leaders will be held responsible for the offence of their members, and that may lead to the dismissal or dissolution of their executive, thus they are expected to ensure they operate within the law. 

ATA however sues for peace. He said the three major tribes have been cohabitating within the local government from the outset. He maintained that fingers are being pointed to the northerners just because of the crisis at hand. “There are good ones, and the committee that was inaugurated will be diligent in its investigations. All parties or individuals found wanting will be rebuked and normalcy will be restored by the grace of God”. 

He submitted that the N10m Relief Fund made available by him with the support of friends and corporate bodies will be judiciously given to those entitled to it, for the cushion of their loss. 


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