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Winners member calls off wedding on wedding day


Disgust, as a 43year old lady, member of Living Faith Church Worldwide, megachurch and a Christian denomination founded by Bishop David Oyedepo, called off her wedding on Saturday, June 22, 2019, the exact day she should walk down the aisle with her lover.

Chinelo Grace Umeodinka, who works with Soulmate Industries Limited, was said to be dating Augustine Adewale Jekinsaiye, also a member and worker of Living Faith Church, for a couple of years, before they both agreed to take their relationship to the next level by tying the knot.

People & Politics, gathered that earlier in May, a traditional wedding was conducted for Chinelo and Augustine, in Anambra State, Chinelo’s hometown. There and then, Augustine, an indigene of Kogi State fulfilled all marital rites to his lover’s family, running into almost N1m. And on Monday, June 17, 2019, they both said “Yes, I do”, at Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi-Lagos.

Chinelo’s neighbours told People & Politics that the disappointed groom is a humble and humane man of about 50years.

“Mr Augustine is cool headed, loving, humble and humane. Everyone around love him. He’s the coordinator of the Winners Programmes and Fellowship around here. He’s very active when it comes to Winners affairs, very responsible.

Augustine is about 50years, and this development is a bad one, it’s not good at all, at this stage of his life. You only do that to unserious fellow, not to someone like him. More so, we don’t know what Chinelo was thinking about. They’ve gone this far, he has paid the bride price, they went to the registry just this week Monday, only to break up on the day of her wedding, this is more of a death sentence. She should be charged to court.”


Another neighbour said she gave the hint to back out of the relationship on Wednesday, two days after they were wedded at the registry.

“She claimed the guy rented a 2bedroom apartment, instead of her desired 3bedroom flat. And she was even boasting about it, that once she take such stand, no one can change her mind.”

While some people opined that she’s under spiritual influence, others said she’s just a wicked and heartless woman who should be dealt with by the society.

A lady told People & Politics that she, like others bought the Ankara that was sold for the wedding at the rate of N4,000. “We bought the clothes rejoicing for her, because she’s long over due. And to be blessed with a man like Mr Augustine is a miracle, only to dampen the spirit of the man. She should be held responsible if anything happens to that man. This is killing, she’s a murderer”, she said.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that some women in the community have vowed to take the matter up with her.

People & Politics spoke with Ifeanyiwa and Grace, the two available contacts on the wedding invitation card, as RSVP. Ifeanyiwa said she got to the church venue before she heard of the unfortunate development. She noted that after calling the supposed bride and groom effortlessly, she resolved to go back home.

“I’m as disappointed as everyone. I was at the church, only to discover the wedding won’t hold again. I called them severally but they won’t pick my call. You can call them too, let them explain to you why this is happening. Since others are turning back, I’m also going back home,” she said.

Grace on her own part said she’s Augustine’s sister.

I’m Augustine’s sister, and I have received calls from different visitors. The issue is really with the wife and we are trying to resolve it, a new date for the wedding will be communicated soonest.

In a telephone chat with Barr. Ayodeji Ogunbiyi, he told People & Politics that they are already wedded in the eyes of the law. He said, “The church event is just a ceremony, as long as they’ve been issued a certificate at the registry, they’re already husband and wife.”

Their wedding invite
Chinelo introduces Augustine with palm wine
Chinelo at work
  1. To the man; most importantly, and probably to the ‘lady’ too; in all things/ways; let’s give all thanks to the good Lord!!! It must be for a purpose!!! But no thanks, at all to the lady in question; until…….

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