Wearing red beret ‘not a crime’, says Bobi Wine


Ugandan pop star and presidential aspirant, Bobi Wine has tweeted a video showing him denouncing the government’s ban of his trademark red beret for people who are not in the armed forces.

A spokesman for Bobi Wine’s People’s Power Movement said the beret had been banned due to “fear” and “panic” from the government.

In the video, which has an emotive marching beat as a soundtrack, the politician says the beret is a symbol of the “desire for change”.

The party insisted that the badge for the Uganda People’s Defence Forces beret was different to their beret, which they call “a symbol of resistance”.

By wearing the beret, Ugandans are “not committing any crime,” Bobi Wine insisted.

A woman wearing the beret in the video said the headpiece is “a symbol of hope for so many Ugandan women, young and old, who cannot effectively participate in the democratic process of our country”.



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