VICTORY WALK: Lagos stands still for CACSA


Agege-Lagos and its environs was brought to a halt on Sunday, February 2, during the early hours when the Christ Apostolic Church Students Assembly (CACSA) hit the streets in a victory walk for Christ.

This development which was a vision given to the CACSA State Minister, Pastor Oladele Olatunde, coincided with that of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

People & Politics gathered that CACSA was on 30days fasting and prayer with the theme: Supernatural Lifting (“Operation Push”, Pray Until Something Happens), and Sunday was its last day.

The programme which brought all its members together at Christ Apostolic Church, Transformation Centre, Oko-Oba Agege, witnessed a large turnout.

Immediately after the Sunday School session, Oladele addressed the congregation on the vision and instructions given to him by God.

“There will be a slight change in our programme this morning, due to instructions from the Lord. I have been directed that we should go on a victory walk for Christ, declaring the land for Him.


“The pastors will be at the front, followed by the choristers while the congregation will trail behind. The pastors will be making positive declarations, declaring the land and the nation-Nigeria at large for Jesus Christ, nullifying all evil agenda in the land while some will be jingling the bell”, he said.

Consequently, the congregation immediately set out for the mission. They stopped at strategic areas for prayers against insurgency, kidnapping, cruxification of Christians, epidemic, and maladministration. The prayer sessions were led by some District Superintendents.

Passersby were seen stopping to join the prayer session saying “Let there be peace in Nigeria, God bless the organizers of this walk.”

A commentator told People & Politics that the initiative is a laudable one. “If I was not dressed for another event I would have loved to join. May God strengthen the CAC and all His ministers.


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