Teenage mother dumps newborn in drain


A 17-year-old teenage mother (name withheld) has reportedly dumped her newborn in a drain along McDermott Road in Igbudu, Warri South council area of Delta state.

Residents woke up to the gruesome sight of the baby, already dead, on Saturday morning in the gutters and quickly alarmed the community authorities on the incident.

Sources claimed that investigations by the community leaders led to the discovery of the teenage girl, who allegedly hails from the north, as perpetrator of the act.

There are also suspicions that the teenage mother might have murdered the baby after birth.

According to a witness, when asked why she disposed her newborn, she claimed not to know the father and declared her unreadiness to nurture a child.

It was gathered that the leaders handed her the disposed baby and demanded she returned to purge the land of the abominable crime.

“She was asked to go and bury the child and then return to carry out rites that will clean the land. She took the baby in a bag,” the witness said.


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