– Olanireti Olusegun 


There’s a proverb that says when you are sent on errands as a slave, wisdom requires you deliver it as a freeborn. Why? Because wisdom is never wrong and will lead no one to destruction. 

The event unfolding in Ekiti politics is not something that gladdens the heart, most especially within the All Progressives Congress. It is understandable when it happens against the other political parties but within a party, and even the one in government for that matter is disheartening. This brings about queries if the players are really progressives. 

Emperor Ayodele Fayose Vs Gladiators from other political parties we understood, but Governor Kayode Fayemi Vs Sen. Babafemi Ojudu shouldn’t be. Why? The why question won’t be taken care of today, still different ideologies and interests may put the best of friends at loggerheads but should not disintegrate to what is gradually happening. 


Gov. Fayemi, we know, let’s skip his yesteryear records and focus on the most recent. He’s serving his second term as the governor of Ekiti State, was a former minister of mineral resources in Nigeria. Sen. Ojudu, also focusing on his recent records, represented Ekiti Central at the 7th Senate. Today, he’s a Special Adviser to President Mohammadu Buhari since the last dispensation. They’ve both been elected by their state and both been appointed and entrusted with responsibilities by the presidency. 

Fayemi and Ojudu both contested for the present governorship seat of Ekiti State, so if there’s a clash of ideas, we may understand. How I will run the system may not be how you will, different ideas. And if one isn’t comfortable with the system, as a stakeholder, “constructive criticism” is allowed. 

Fast forward, now, who is Segun Dele Dipe? he is a media aide to the governor of Ekiti State. 

The underlying relationship SD had or is having with either of these gladiators is none of my business. We may be best of friends today and foes tomorrow, nothing stands forever. As a matter of fact there’s no permanent friend or enemy in politics they say. Even if you ask me, is there permanent interest? That is even swinging now. 

The way Dipe has been attacking the personality of Ojudu in an unofficial capacity is so unprofessional, which depicts a high level of irresponsibility and has brought his credibility to question. 

I see several of his posts almost on a daily basis now about Ojudu and nothing more. You’ve made Ojudu a centre of attraction without knowing, telling the world indirectly that you have no other responsibility than attacking Ojudu with some below the belt posts. This is now appearing to me like media thuggery, without difference with the garage touts (Agbero). 

To you, journalism is now a tool of attack and ridicule instead of educating, entertaining, informing and enlightening. If I’m your kinsman, I’ll be ashamed, with the assignment you’ve picked up of late. 

Even when you’re given such to do, I expect you to know that errands meant for slaves shouldn’t be taken up by a freeborn. If they break this coconut on your head, you won’t benefit from it and that will injure you more.

For the umpteen time, no permanent enemy or friend in politics, there’s even no permanent political party, not these days that Ize-Iyamu is now an APC standard bearer and Obaseki for PDP.

I haven’t said you shouldn’t issue any statement in an official capacity, that’s what you’re appointed for, but please stop the social media bastardization of people’s personality, you shouldn’t be the grass that will suffer the fight of these two elephants. You must be able to differentiate yourself from political thugs, you aren’t appointed as one, you’re supposed to be a journalist, a professional one for that matter. 

You’re one person who’s post I always want to check up on social media, not of late though. When the elders we esteem so high could sell their honour for devil’s money, pigs should eat shame and men should eat dung. SD, please retrace your steps before late. 



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