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See this cute beauty adorned with traditional attire at 6months

This is the joy of a beautiful mother. The blessing of a child, God’s heritage, fruits of the womb are his reward. 

Morally, this picture depicts that of a fulfilled mother or an indication that she is going to be one. What we see now on social media is the display of irresponsible mothers but this appears to be different. 

In celebration of births, what our ladies do is to upload pictures that expose almost all parts of their bodies, in the name of birthdays. Some will even bombard the social media platforms with nude pictures, using other parts of their bodies to cover just the nipples and private parts. 

Some crazy mothers are however hell bent on infecting their infants with the same virus. That is why you see mothers using extreme and high level makeups for little children, claiming they are being celebrated. 


My heart leaped for joy, with an applause to the blessed woman who gorgeously dressed this beautiful 6months old in a cultural attire. Not just because it is cultural, but because she has shown her a proper way to dress right from infanthood. 

Some people will use the same cultural attire but in a wrong way by exhibiting their nakedness. But this is just beautiful and there’s no other word I can use aside from that. Teach your children the rightful way and when they come of age, they won’t depart from it. 

I’m sure this baby will be proud of her mum. There’s no way she will see this picture in the future without blessing her mum. I can’t say the same for some other mothers. 

Her mother, Rotinwa Oluwatoyin Shukroh, posted on Facebook: “Look who turned 6 months💃💃💃…. My little princess is growing so fast..💋 I love you so much my princess👸 If I had my life to live again, I will find u sooner so I could love u longer my little one🤗.. Thank u so much for bringing so much Joy to Us.. Continue to grow in grace🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏”. 


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