“Satan is the best friend Kanye has ever had” – CoS


The Church of Satan have responded to Kanye West‘s new Christian album ‘Jesus Is King’.

The album finally arrived October 25, after multiple delays.

The new album focuses on Kanye’s relationship with god. In a new interview with Zane Lowe, Kanye said he’s “in complete service to god” and it has also been revealed that he almost quit rapping because “it’s the devil’s music”.

The album has now prompted all manner of responses from the music world, and now the Church of Satan have become the latest to give their opinion on the new record.

“Satan is the best friend Kanye has ever had, as he will keep him in business all these years!” the Church’s official account tweeted.


A fan then responded, declaring that “Satan is pissed”, to which the Church replied: “We’re more pleased than anything! Only those who read our literature will ‘get it’.”

To coincide with the new album’s release, Kanye hired a bus to play ‘Jesus Is King’ around the streets of Manhattan. He also released the ‘Jesus Is King’ IMAX film.

In a review of ‘Jesus Is King’NME‘s Jordan Bassett said: “An iconoclast sounds peaceful and fulfilled on this jubilant gospel collection.

“West’s dedication to God’s jukebox may prove similarly sporadic (although he’s claimed ‘Jesus Is Born’, a follow-up, will be released on Christmas Day). It’s tempting to hope that’s the case, because it’s true that ‘Jesus Is King’ lacks the goofball sense of humour that always made Kanye West albums so much fun. But what’s been sacrificed has been partly compensated for with warmth and hope for the future.”

Meanwhile, in an NME review of the ‘Jesus Is King’ IMAX film, Luke Morgan Britton wrote: “Kanye’s sublime but flawed visual journey stops short of enlightenment,” adding that “despite its aesthetic brilliance, it fails to reach its potential and ends up lost in a struggle of what it wants to be.

“A live concert film? A high-gloss advert? A desktop screensaver-ready nature doc? Or simply a vehicle to enable the spouting of scripture? Instead, it’s a jarring mixture of all of the above.”


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