Rescued abandoned baby disappears from hospital


Residents of Otokiti community woke up to find an abandoned baby on a refuse dump on Tuesday morning in Otokiti village, Lokoja, Kogi State.

A 35 years old woman, Mary James abandoned her day-old baby girl, on a refuse dump, not far from her residence, in Otokiti village.

The abandoned baby was taken to the state specialist hospital for medical attention. The combined efforts of some members of the community and the authorities yielded results as the mother of the newborn was identified and later handed over to the police for discreet investigation.

Further riddle presented itself as the baby was said to have disappeared from the State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja, where she was taken to.

The bewildered residents contacted the D’ Divisional Police Headquarters in Lokongoma and officials of the state mininistry of women affairs and social development.


One of the residents who is privy to it all, Ayodeji Ubeida, said they were dismayed when they learnt of the baby’s disappearance from the hospital.

“The baby was handed over on that day, and the mother who dumped it even breastfed it at the station, but to our utter dismay, we learnt that the child in the hospital has disappeared into thin air, while the mother is still in the police custody.

“This sudden disappearance of the child is a concern to the community. The ministry of women affairs and social development should speak out,” he demanded.


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