Pregnant 19-year-old gang-raped by five men


A pregnant teenager suffered a miscarriage after she was ganged-raped in Banswara, western India.

The woman, 19, from India’s lowest caste, was eight-weeks pregnant when five men attacked her and her boyfriend with swords and iron rods.

According to, her boyfriend died by suicide following the attack.

The couple were travelling from Banswara town to a nearby village on a bike around 10pm on July 13 when three men stopped them and attacked the boyfriend, before stealing his phone and forcing him to leave.

Unable to save his girlfriend, he returned to his village and was later found hanging from a tree.

Parbati Lal, the Banswara police district circle officer told a court that the three men, all drunk, took the girl to an isolated spot and gang-raped her.

The three accused, named only as Sunil, Vikas and Jitendra, then took her to Sunil’s village, where they called two more of their friends, Naresh and Vijay, who also gang-raped her.

The five men then abandoned the teenager on the roadside around 4am on July 14. She did not report the crime, but police arrested Jitendra when probing the boyfriend’s suicide.

He had given the deceased’s stolen phone to his wife, and police were able to trace the location to his home.

They discovered the rape survivor had made multiple calls to the phone.

Using this, they then tracked down the survivor, who was being treated for a miscarriage. She then reported the case to the police, who registered cases of gang-rape, abduction, and abetment to suicide.

The five men have been arraigned in court.


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