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Omoshola introduces love ritual to tame men, sparks reactions

The advertisement of a “special package” on instagram via an instagram handle “omoshola-place” has called for various comments on instagram

Omoshola-place, owned by a lady identified as Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi, uploaded a video where she advertised the ‘special package’. She said the special package is a box that consists of products specially made on client’s request.


The 23-year-old lady said it takes about two weeks or more to produce it as it requires the name of the woman and the man she wants to use it on. It involves preforming prayers, white rituals and other things. Her products are categorized as aphrodisiacs, love charms and spiritual products.

Some of her products are tagged adult and explicit names such as: pussy fire, curse breaker, vagina upgrade” and by popular demand ‘special package’. According to her, the special package cannot be used for two different men.

She claimed that with N350,000 her products are potent enough to help her client get any man of their dreams to shower them with money, gifts, love, favour and attention. She said there is no specific form for it, It could come in form of a Syrup, spice, wand or jelly.

However, the controversy generated by her business has led to many insinuations that she could be taking advantage of many of her customers online to sell things that are not only strangely too expensive but ordinary scam.

For instance, a Twitter user claimed that Omoshola who is evidently pregnant was abandoned by her boyfriend, who is allegedly into Internet fraud. This brings the question if Omoshola and her special package charms are not ordinary scams that target many vulnerable and desperate ladies and victims online. Her critics asked that if her charms could not prevent her boyfriend from abandoning her, who can it work for?

Other comments are:

She however uploaded another video where she said some men have sent her messages on her page calling her a witch and insulting her, she responded saying women will only purchase the product for unfaithful and irresponsible men, so if a man wants to have a taste of every pussy, he should be ready to face the consequences and pay the price.


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