Olapade Agoro goes home

A former presidential aspirant, public commentator and clergyman, Olapade Agoro, popularly referred to as Baba Olapade Agoro has gone to join his maker. 

The news of his death was broken this morning by one of his children, a media practitioner, Public Relation Consultant, Social Media Influencer and business owner, Alhaja Adeola Agoro JP. 

Baba Agoro died on Sunday, November 1, after a brief illness. 

In her post on Facebook, she wrote, Olapade Agoro we are calling you but you’re not answering again. It’s not okay. 

“Olapade Agoro we are calling you but you’re not answering again.

Ha! We said we loved you but you refused to listen. You have left us like that. It’s not okay o. It’s just not okay.

But as you have gone to be with your mother Dorcas Oyejola Asabi, I won’t talk yet. But this is not fair on me.

Baba Deola, you should have looked back a little now… Ha death you’re wicked!”

Adeola Agoro shared the same birthday date, October 9, with her father. 


On Thursday, October 8, a day before their birthday anniversary, Alhaja Adeola Agoro hinted the public of Baba Olapade Agoro’s illness, and asked her friends and followers on Facebook to pray for Baba. 

“Tomorrow is our birthday but my birthday twin from another parent and another year, Baba Olapade Agoro has been on admission in the hospital for some days now.

Please help me send him Get-well-soon wishes so he can get up and go home. Thank you”, she wrote. 


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