Now That The Shoe Is On The Other Foot


By Babafemi Ojudu

PDP as we have expected has suspended her members on the mere suspicion that they have a working arrangement with APC leadership in the House of Representatives.

For four years Saraki and Dogara unrelentingly betrayed APC, the party under which they were elected. They gave plum positions to opposition members, frustrated programs emanating from the party’s manifesto. They turned themselves to opposition figures to the elected President produced by a party same as theirs. They harassed and witch-hunt members of their party in the legislature that expressed disagreement with what they did. They stalled confirmation of key appointees of government. Minority became king where by the known precept of democracy worldwide the majority rules the minority.

Not so for Bukola Saraki who even had the temerity to dole out the Deputy Senate President position to a member of a minority party contrary to conventions in representative democracy worldwide.

You know what , President Buhari still found it graceful to pray together with Saraki at eid despite those photo evidence of ill will. Buhari never ceased to break bread with him and his co travelers in The Villa. At no time did Buhari contemplated suspending Saraki and Dogara from the party. The leadership of APC ,despite the clamor from agitated members , let them be until on their own volition they chose to quit the party to join those who used them for four years to wrong foot our party and the government.

But for the faith the base of the president had in him they would have made him a one term president and thereby rubbished his ideals and legacy.

Whenever issues are raised around Saraki and Dogara’s betrayal the PDP and her town criers jump up to abuse APC throwing at her the precepts of independent legislature.

Now that a few people among her members in the House of Representative are suspected of showing signs of working with the majority party they are being thrown under the wheel of a moving truck. What was good then has sudden gone bad. What was democratic then has become undemocratic. What was acceptable then and cheered has become anathema.

PDP has declared as lepers her members who have served three to four terms in the legislature and have built friendship across party lines. See how intolerant, how ungraceful PDP and its leaders could be.


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