Not all celebrities are blessed like me – Dayo Amusa

Not all celebrities are blessed like me – Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa, a Nigerian actress and singer has said not all celebrities are blessed with the fortune of life like her. This statement was made in reaction to a question received on one of her posts.

The 35years old chubby lady said a question was directed to her on how she support herself financially, since she’s always travelling and eating, according to the fan, asking when she do the actual job and where she gets her money.

She posted on her Instagram page, with a picture that depicts she was having fun on the sea. “I recently received this question on one of my posts: “How do you support yourself financially? Travelling costs a lot of money, I can see from all your posts you are just travelling and eating. When do you do the actual job?” I didn’t think it needed an explanation but here goes… Where do I get my money? I work.

“Yup, I have a job and career. I’m an actor, film maker @amzadolproductions a well paid brand ambassador @bismidmakeup a brand influencer to so many successful brands & products @waleadeauto I also have my hands in 1 or 2 other business @paydabkiddiesworld including my yet to be unveiled lash line @dalashpro
That’s just an hint!

“You may see me on Instagram enjoying a vacation, a fancy dinner or a coffee but what you don’t see in details are the work done in between each of my posts where I’m too busy to even scroll through the app! You don’t see the days that I come home so late into the night, exhausted, my feet aching from running around. You don’t see me on those busy, anti-social night shifts as I’m responding to work and you don’t see the days like today where I am at home in my pyjamas eating whatever leftovers I can find in the fridge!

“Of course, I don’t want to complain because I know I’ve been blessed with SO much; an education from a young age, a healthy body and mind to be good at my job and a loving family who support me throughout it all. Plus I have a wonderful & very hard-working big baby ❤️ who loves to see me smile. Not everyone has these things and so I know I’m one of the lucky ones! #Alhamdulillah

“But still, I think that it’s up to each of us how we choose to spend our money & time off. I like to make the most of my few times off and if that means flying out to UK to see my cousins or enjoying a brunch in US with friends, why not?

“Here’s to everyone out there working hard and playing hard too; always remember to treat yourself once in a while, you work hard for it and you deserve it!”, she posted.


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