No man will survive the new electricity tariff – DISCO official

A staff of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) has said no man under the estimated billing system of the company can survive the hardship imposed by the company. 

Speaking on the field during the installation of metres under IKEDC’s jurisdiction, the official (name withheld) said the marketers in each location were given targets and they are expected to deliver. 


The target he said attracts bountiful rewards for any marketer that delivers. “In some occasions, if a marketer meets up with the company’s target, he or she could get a car or cash reward. So, how will they not try to deliver?

“Whether you use light or not, if you are using the estimated billing, you will pay. And with the way things are going, everyone will remain indebted to the distribution companies because there’s no way you can clear the outrageous monthly bill. Thus it will continue to pile up and it’s going to be a long time circle. 

“We are also paying for the same bill through our nose in our different abodes, so we are also victims of the circumstance. We are as unhappy as you people. 


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