‘My boobs get me lot of attention’


Nollywood Actress, Peju Johnson speaks of her voyage in the make belief industry, so far, the effects of her boobs amongst other things. Enjoy the excerpts


I had lots of memorable childhood experiences. One of them is that when I was in primary school, I was part of the school’s drama group. We did stage dramas, cultural dances and many more. The memories are very priceless. I also recall inter- house sport competitions we had back then. I won’t forget these experiences in a hurry.


As a child, I had many dreams. I wanted to be a prominent businesswoman. I also wanted to be a banker.

Educational background

I attended Community Primary School, Ile-Ife, Osun State, and later King’s Will College for secondary school in the same state. For my university education, I attended ESTG University, Benin Republic.

First movie

The first movie I acted in was ‘Lekki Guys’ produced by Bankole.

Acting lucrativeness

I think people who say acting doesn’t pay well are right. That is why it is good to have a side hustle. It is advisable to have a side business that will sustain one when the acting roles aren’t coming.

Parental support

My dad is late. My mom wasn’t initially in support of my interest in acting. However, because she understands that I have passion for the craft, she supported me with her prayers.


One of the lessons I have learnt is not to trust anybody. I have also learnt to be patient, humble and respect people. I have learnt not to have high expectations from people and not expecting too much from them. Thinking people will always be there for you is being unrealistic. They won’t. They will definitely switch up on you someday. Nobody is going to help you genuinely in the industry without demanding sex and other things in return.


I have had many challenges. Acting can be exhausting. It’s really not easy. Spending days on a movie location, moving from one place to the other and all are part of the challenges.  Another challenge is mastering one’s lines in order not to mess up during movie shoot. Also, some people disliking you for no reason is another issue I have had to deal with.


Most people comment about my boobs. It gets me lot of attention.


Favourite qualities in a man

The qualities I look out for in a man are much. However I will simplify them.  I look out for an individual who is caring, handsome, loves God, respectful, dark-skinned and someone who respects women.

Movie roles

When it comes to playing romantic roles, I really don’t have a limit. However what I won’t do is go naked.

Storyline vs pay

I look out for the storyline and the pay. However, the storyline comes first for me and then the pay. Money is important too.

Friends in Nollywood   

I don’t have friends in Nollywood. I am someone that doesn’t really like making friends. Even outside the industry, I have few friends, so it contributed to my not having close friends in Nollywood.

Body enhancements

Ladies who use body enhancements have a low self-esteem. It simply means they hate themselves, their bodies and the way God created them and are trying to recreate themselves. It’s all good, all they want is happiness.

Other interests

I sell women’s beauty accessories like clothes, shoes, bags and so on. Right now, I am seriously working on expanding and growing the brand.


When it comes to negative comments, what I do is to ignore. I am not a dramatic person. I don’t do drama. So rather than responding to negativity that results into controversy, I simply ignore.

Sexual harassment  

I have been sexually harassed a couple of times. I recall sometime ago a certain movie producer cum actor invited me to be part of his movie. It was a huge project so I had to stay for a few days.

I was there with my personal assistant. After the first day of the shoot, during the midnight at around 2am, the said actor came knocking on the door of my room repeatedly. My personal assistant opened the door for him. He told me there were no more rooms in the hotel, adding that he cannot return home that time of the day. It was late and risky for him to come back home. Out of sympathy, I allowed him into the room, though I wasn’t totally pleased with the idea. I also allowed him into the room because my P.A was there with me, so I was relieved.

Moments later you won’t believe what the man did. He started touching me, moved closer to me and made attempts to have sex with me after my PA went back to bed.

After warning him to stop, he didn’t listen to me. I got angry and locked myself inside the bathroom till day break.


I think I won’t have tattoos on my body in the name of fashion. Those who know me know how much I like to wear dresses that show my cleavage.



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