‘Learn about responsible criticism’, Ojudu to Ologbodiyan


Senator Babafemi Ojudu has advised the Peoples Democratic Party’s National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbodiyan to go and learn about responsible criticism.

This was in reaction to the comments of Ologbodiyan, on Ojudu’s claim about Gaa’te farm and its worth, then and now.

Ojudu wrote on his Facebook timeline about the visit of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo to the ex-militant’s farm, with the claim that the farm which was started with N1.5m now worth 1bn.

This report didn’t go down well with Ologbodiyan who could not but express his shock.  His expression subsequently attracted more rude shocks.

Ojudu’s post: “VP Osinbajo earlier today at Gaa’te, Nasarawa State, where he visited a farm that was started with 1.5m Naira, in 2017 and is now worth about a billion naira.


“Founded by a former Niger Delta militant, Reston Tedheke, it was inspired by the Buhari administration’s focus on Agricultural diversification of the Nigerian economy.

“Besides that, this is a story of national unity and integration: a Niger Deltan from Bayelsa who relocated to the North Central and got a free land from the local community.

“He started with 3 hectares but now farming on 3000 hectares.

“Reston says receiving the VP on the farmland, accompanied by the State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, is the “happiest day of my life.”

“The farm has between 300 and 500 employees, including people from different parts of the country.

“This is an entirely Nigerian story,” VP says… Edo State Farm Manager, on a farm coordinated by a Niger Delta man from Bayelsa in a Northern community!

“Going around the farm today gives me great hope for Nigeria. We are all very excited and hope this will grow – VP

“I am also excited about how this farm is financed through start ups raising the credit.

“What we are seeing is a revolution. This is the story of great nations!” – VP Osinbajo.”

In his reaction, Ologbodiyan wrote: “Akuko Mecca ni yen Distinguished…. This fabu loud gaaaan😂😂😂😁.” He described that as a big fallacy.

Ojudu thus fired back, “My brother you are a journalist and a spokesman for the opposition. What is expected of you, if you want to live up to those callings, it would have been you take a trip down to the place and see for yourself. I am sorry to say this Kola, if you continue this way many of us will be disappointed in you.”

Responding, Ologbodiyan queried “Distinguished….That farm was started with N1.5m in 2017 and is worth about a billion in 2019…. That is under 2 years?”

Annoyed Ojudu thus spitted fire, “You were a journalist. Have you lost all of the skills you acquired to politics? Gaa’te community in Nassarawa is just an hour drive from Abuja. Take a drive there, see for yourself, ask questions, interview the promoter and come to your conclusion. I hate to be seen teaching you journalism again. If you are not satisfied by this the two companies raising funds for this guy are Kia Kia Ltd and Farmally. If you wish I will give you their numbers. Seek them out, interview them. Ask them to open their books for you. Kola you don’t even need to go this far. Google this companies. You will come by a lot of information on what they have done to add value to this young man’s business. Kola dust up your journalism books it will help you in this opposition business you now find yourself. Let me also recommend Awolowo’s writing s for you. It may teach you a lot on responsible criticism. It is not good for the opposition to open his mouth and talk without doing his research. It only exhibits ignorance and leads to ridicule.”

Ologbodiyan who remained composed replied, “Distinguished…. You just touched on the main issue – facility. The insults are however needless.”

Like a gentleman, the distinguished senator thus presented an apology. “No insult dear. I provided information and raised arguments. If you consider that to be insult I apologise.”


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