I got pregnant without s*x, as a virgin at 23


One of the Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates, Watoni Anyansi, has revealed she got pregnant as a virgin.

Watoni in a viral interview, said she was 23-year old when she got pregnant without penetration.

The mother of one said she had an intense makeout with the father of her child and after five months she realized she was pregnant.

Explaining further she disclosed that he rubbed his manhood on her vagina and ejaculated without penetration.

The half-Keyan reiterated that though, she missed her period but she did not know she was pregnant because she was a virgin at that time.


“I was a virgin till 23. That day, l was with the guy in question. At that time, l was ovulating but l didn’t know so l was not bothered about it. He is a kind of guy that gets turned on by seeing a vagina. So, all he did was to rub his penis on my vagina and ejaculated. There was no penetration. That was it.

“After five months, l found out that l was pregnant. My friends who knew I was a virgin and my mom were surprised.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant because my tummy wasn’t big and in fact I was losing weight. When he had a meeting with my parents he also confirmed that we only had intense makeout and that was it.

“I got to know I was pregnant one Sunday morning. I went to a nearby pharmacist earlier on a Saturday to complain that l belched too much among other issues. I also told him that I have not seen my period, and then he asked me if l had s*x and l replied no.

“He gave me something to do pregnancy test. I tried it out on Sunday morning and found out that I was pregnant. That was before l went to church.”

  1. No matter how the story may look as the true one. With the advancement in technology – the DNA test must be carried out to confirm the truth of her claim. The heart of man is so deep that can only be understand by God.

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