The newly elected president of Association of Mass Communication Students (AMACOS), Yaba College of Technology, Adekoya Paul Sunday, fondly called Genesis by students and admirers spoke with People & Politics about his vision for the Department of Mass Communication vis-à-vis, his assessment of the immediate past executive. Enjoy the excerpts…

PnP: on behalf of People & Politics, I’ll like to congratulate you on your election as the President of AMACOS G20.

Genesis: Thank you.

PnP: Let’s have a brief insight into your personality. People call you ‘Genesis, Genesis’, who is Genesis?

Genesis: (Laughs…) Thank you so much, I really appreciate the privilege. Genesis is Adekoya Paul Sunday. I’m from Ogun State, Ijebu precisely. I’m a Christian and I’m into some other activities aside from schooling.

PnP: So, what inspired your ambition?

Genesis: Nothing farfetched, I’m someone with human feelings and I complain a lot when I see things going wrong and most people do consider that to be my weak point. When people describe Genesis as a good man, what they point out as my other side is that I complain a lot…


PnP: Does that mean your ambition was born out of the quote “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”?

Genesis: Exactly, that’s just it, when I see things going wrong, instead of me to start criticizing it, when I have opportunities to do it, I only need to get to work and make things happen, and I correct them by doing it. Sometimes when you correct people or even ask them to do things, they might actually not take the needful action.

PnP: Let’s talk about your vision for AMACOS.

Genesis: My visions for AMACOS is to leave a blueprint, lead by example and ensure that when Genesis leaves, Genesis remains. The ambition was pegged on three categories, Academics, Social and Economy. Academic as a basic, to aid whatever you’re doing or chose to do, Socialization because you need people. You and I know that nepotism is real in Nigeria, so on our own part, I want a system that will unify us all, both part-time and full-time students. Ensuring that even after schooling, if any opportunity comes, we will remember our family, AMACOS.

More so, I have realized that some students are lagging academically, that can’t be ruled out though, and nevertheless, I think if we have any opportunity, to reduce that, then we should.

PnP: So, how do you intend to achieve that?

Genesis: Thank you. I realized that some students fail not because they don’t have anything upstairs, but because they don’t have good rapport with lecturers or management. Sometimes, management policy goes against students’ will and vice versa. Management can set policies that won’t suit the position of the students, and even if the students complain, the fact that management cannot see from the students’ angle, they won’t do it and that could make the students fail. But if we have a unified system, there is going to be a link between the students, management and staffs. I tag that SMS, that is cohesion between the trio, and I believe if we can achieve that we are aiming towards reducing poor academic performance.

PnP: Now, let’s look at this, there are different leadership styles, to achieve a particular feat, some will go via dialogue and others activism, strict revolutionary approach. Which of those should we expect from Genesis?

Genesis: I love that question. Well, I was taught IR and I realized that there are tools to achieve a common interest, one is diplomacy, another is war, and we also have alliance.

Basically, my number one tool is diplomacy, which goes with dialogue, but if dialogue won’t work, we go for alliance, and I hope those two won’t fail else, we go for the other option.

PnP: How will you rate the election that brought you in as AMACOS President, was it freely and fairly conducted, were you the sincere choice of the students?

Genesis: Yes, because I contested unopposed.

PnP: That wasn’t the same with your predecessor…

Genesis: Yes, but it was with his predecessor (Steven).

PnP: How will you rate the immediate past executive, putting in consideration the last event they organized, the Awards and Dinner Night?

Genesis: There is no association or organization without loopholes or faults. In a fair judgment, I will say they started well but ended on a bad note, which means, it is 50/50, I rate them 50/50.

PnP: Now, where do you intend to take AMACOS to, putting in cognizance how you said the immediate past executive rounded off? You said they started well; they ended on a bad note. How do you intend to take it up from there, don’t forget that a lot of students are also disappointed, down to ND1. How do you intend to correct the impression and launder the image of AMACOS?

Genesis: Well, it’s a difficult task but we know how PR works. The work of PR personnel is crisis management, as bad as it could be, a good PR will surely get us out of crisis.

PnP: On the final note, how did you come by the name, Genesis?

Genesis: Yea, the beginning of the first son.

PnP: Will you shine more light on that?

Genesis: I was born on Sunday as my name implies, the first day of the week, the first son, after about five children.


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