Free prepaid metre for all Nigerians

If the plan of the Federal Government to make available free prepaid metres for all Nigerians is anything to go by, Nigerians will forever be grateful to President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Nigerians deserve to smile at least after the protest. The year 2020 started on a very tough note, but here we are. Coronavirus did no small harm, it’s presence is still being felt on everything and almost everyone. But while Nigerians were trying to pick their pieces, the #ENDSARS protest also struck, not without its hand of loss and destructions too. 

It will be recalled that there was an agitation that the Federal Government should pay for two months of electricity supply, a motion we learnt was moved on the floor of the National Assembly. If it was paid, Nigerians would have been so glad, because it was a period almost everyone were lamenting due to businesses that were shut down. 

The gladness that accompanied that news was however short-lived as the Electricity Companies debunked the news, noting that it was just a rumor, since there was no such communication between them and the government. 

No sooner than the lockdown was eased, DISCOs were seen everywhere with ladders to disconnect defaulters that were unable to settle their bills, a bitter pill Nigerians had to swallow. 


With the recent announcement by the Federal Government that there’s provision for 30,000,000 prepaid electricity metres to be distributed freely, this will ease the tension in the air if those words are found to be true. There’s no better time to bring something that will lighten the burdens of Nigerians than now, that will be an act of a smart government. 

Electricity is such an important tool any government in Nigeria can use to appease and move closer to the citizens of this country or even win their hearts completely. The burden attached to electricity bills is killing, Nigerians are almost collapsing under its weight. 

It shouldn’t surprise you that Nigerians pay more on electricity than house rents, a very sad thing to note. 

However, in this “ember months”, President Muhammadu Buhari led administration can still win some fans if he can make available free prepaid metres to all Nigerians. 



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