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Femi Otedola’s ‘time bomb’ splits celebrities


Mixed reactions have started trailing billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola’s reasons for not wearing a wristwatch, with supports and disagreements from different celebrities.

While some celebrities expressed their support for Otedola’s view, others disagreed with his assertion about the loss of relevance of wristwatch with the emergence of other timekeeping devices.

Otedola on his Instagram page had described wristwatch as ‘archaic’, noting that the device had been displaced by modern technology, after a follower asked him why he was not fond of wearing a wristwatch.

“Hello sir, quick question I noticed you don’t wear a wristwatch, why is that if I may ask sir?

“I started wearing a watch when I was 12 years old and I stopped 3 years ago. Technology has ended our necessity for the archaic wristwatch. Less is more.” The billionaire replied.

Reacting on his social media handle, a popular brodacster, Daddy Freeze disagreed with Otedola, saying there was no way the time monitoring device can be displaced by technology.

He wrote:” Uncle Femi, I no gree this one o…lol…In my humble opinion, I think it all boils down to choice. While many see a wristwatch as a timepiece that tells you what time it is, a few of us appreciate the horological genius that goes into haute horlogerie

“The focus of high end watchmaking leans largely on the complexity of the movement, combine with a proficiency for demonstrating the watchmaking arts. In that vein, a Patek Phillipe. Piaget, Richard Mille or Audemars Piguet tourbillon for instance, is a masterpiece of artwork, sheer mechanical erudition and exceptional material craftsmanship; the horological equivalent of a Picasso on your wrist.

“I wouldn’t buy Vincent Van Gogh or Paul Cezanne paintings for my wall, but that won’t stop me from appreciating the work that went into creating them, even if the painting techniques and materials are today considered old fashioned.”

Top female drummer, Ara said she does not feel bothered whether she wears a wristwatch or not.

“I don’t wear wristwatch too,” She bluntly said.

Ara said she agrees with Otedola’s position that it is so easy to monitor time with the uses of technology these days.

“As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I wore a wristwatch. So I absolutely agree with him.”

Another celebrity, Hannah Ezekiel, said she does not find the need to wear a wristwatch.

She said: “There’s absolutely no need for wearing of wristwatches these days. When I wear a wristwatch, it is not necessarily because of the time but I wear it for the sake of fashion. I wear it as a fashion accessory. My phone is always with me so I can spot or check the time from my phone.

“So, I believe that wearing wristwatches still makes sense. I wear it but don’t use it as my timekeeper, instead, my cellphone or tablet does the work of keeping time for me because I regularly look at my cell phone. I can say I only wear it for fancy and even most of the time I wear bangles or bracelets in place of wristwatch.”

Another entertainer, Bemigho Awala also backs Otedola. He said: “I fully agree with Femi Otedola, I also haven’t worn a wrist-watch in the last five years. However, I do have a wearable device on my wrist that not only tells me the time but provides vital health information to me.”

Poet Sammy Hassan also popularly known with stage name Sage, confirmed that he had not been wearing wristwatches.

“I totally agree with Mr Femi Otedola, I don’t wear wristwatches either. I find metal or steel on my wrist to be constricting. But beyond that I don’t wear watches not because my phone and tabs keep fine equally – I wear health bands instead. They are watches that help you keep tabs on your health: from blood pressure, heart rate, steps walked daily, cycling, running and much more. And just as importantly they alert you on messages on your phone from email, Twitter, and so on. I find the bands to be more millennial and keeping up to modern times. A watch belongs to the last century.”

Celebrated flutist, Tee Mac Omatshola, who has Swiss root, expressed his love for wearing wristwatches citing his Swiss root as reasons.

He noted that the Swiss owns the technology of time and the craft of watchmaking.

Tee Mac said: “I am half Swiss half Nigerian and love watches and I collect watches too. I feel naked walking around without a watch. Unfortunately, many of my collection have been stolen. Of course there is a watch on the phone, but I find it silly to take my phone out to find out what time it is. Long live the Swiss watches! They are beautiful to wear!”

On his part actor cum broadcaster Richard Yaboh disagrees with billionaire Otedola that technology has made wrist watches less necessary. He said: ”I still wear wristwatches. I am used to my wristwatches. As a broadcaster as well, I keep to time, I am always on schedule and deadlines, so a wristwatch is necessary, To me, wristwatches are not for fashion or seen as a fashion accessory. My use of wristwatches is borne out of the need to consult with the time, at anytime of the day. Though, I know that it also adds up as part of a man’s dress accessory.”

While disagreeing with Otedola, a television producer, Emmanuel Matthews said wristwatch complements dresses.

“A wristwatch compliments your dressing. It’s not necessarily just for timekeeping. Wristwatches are now fashion jewellery.” He said.

Notable comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, gave a mixed reaction. He said: “Practically, Femi Otedola is right because you can check what time it is from your phones, car dashboard and or some other devices around you. But I also disagree with him because I love wristwatches and I don’t see them as a device to check time alone. A wristwatch is also an item of clothing and I’ll feel naked if I leave home without a wristwatch.”



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