Electricity Companies embark on mass disconnection

Just a few days after the Lagos State Government once again eased the curfew imposed on the state, as a result of the #ENDSARS protest and its consequential destruction of properties and loss of lives, the electricity distribution companies (DISCOs), hit the streets disconnecting the electricity of customers that are owing. 

Most buildings are on estimated billing, making them victims of this feat. This has left several houses in darkness because they are owing the current bill aside from their outstanding. 

One of the customers who’s building was disconnected around Ojodu-Berger blamed her inability to pay the current bill on the #ENDSARS activities which hindered her from carrying out her business activities. 

“I’m a trader at Idumota, and since the curfew, I have not been able to go to the market, which is where I generate my proceeds, where am I expected to get money? At the same time, I think they’re enjoying not giving prepaid metres and that is wickedness. 


“We are being extorted, they give me a monthly bill of N27,000, how am I expected to pay that at once, how much am I making on sales that I will have such resources to pay that amount outrightly in a month. The best thing for them to do is to give us prepaid metres and be deducting our outstanding from recharge”, the woman who stays in a 3Bedroom apartment lamented. 

Another occupant of a duplex on a quarter plot of land said they started giving him a monthly bill of N11,000, and now N110,000. 

“This is day light robbery, how do you expect me to be coughing out N110,000, N120,000, per month, those were my bills in the last two months. I have asked them to disconnect my light and stop bringing bills, till they are ready to provide us with prepaid metres. 

“We may however have problems with each other if they don’t discontinue the bill”, the man who identified himself as Nathaniel said. 

It will be recalled that while the #ENDSARS protest was going on, one of the accommodated topics was the need to end estimated billing for prepaid metre. 


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