Desmond Elliot isn’t an idiot

The film Producer, Director cum politician and Member Lagos State House of Assembly representing Surulere Constituency 01, Desmond Olusola Elliot isn’t an idiot. 

The lawmaker has been under a series of attacks since the video recording of his statement describing the youths as “children” went viral. This has thus made him the most talked about Lagos lawmaker. 

A young man in his twenties said “Desmond Elliot is an idiot, the words of Klint De Drunk are just coming to manifest upon his life now”. 

You will recall that some years back in Ghana, when Klint De Drunk was cracking a joke, he humourously referred to Desmond Elliot as “Desmond Idiot”, and people laughed about it. 


Truth be told, any youth or adult that was involved in the destructive and vandalisation vendetta in the name of #ENDSARS protest, or as a reaction to the unjustifiable killings and attacks of the military and other security operatives on the protesters at Lekki Tollgate or other areas is a child. 

Two wrongs, they say won’t make a right. If the attack on the harmless citizens is condemnable, the destructive spree, looting, burning of properties and even killings are also condemnable. What differentiates the alleged military from the other culprits?

Those that perpetuated the evil attacked the wrong persons, we did our people more harm, destroyed their businesses, rendered so many people homeless, jobless and probably useless. The motive tends to want to create more nuisances in the community. 

A woman on social media lamented critically about her losses. Her business was looted at Lekki, and the same thing happened at her Surulere office. Was she the one that ordered the shooting? Or have we forgotten that we are all in this together. Such loss could ruin the woman, break her, and if she’s not strong enough, lead to her death. 

Let’s face it, Desmond Elliot wasn’t referring to everyone but the idiots that disguised under the protest to attack and loot. It is one slave that brings insult on others. 

It should be noted that in his constituency, the lawmaker is also answerable to other categories of people, ranging from aged to business owners, corporate organizations, different professional bodies and so on. What do you expect him to tell these categories of people, to justify the havoc? Hell no. 

Meanwhile, as a gentleman, Desmond Elliot already apologised, I think those who truly feel offended should accept his apology. 

It will also be good for Desmond not to allow his emotions to take the better side of him next time. I think he’s also a learner, just learning the hard way. 

Some of his colleagues have also started setting up a Relief Fund Committee, at least, we know of Hon Adewale Temitope Adedeji (ATA), Chairman House Committee on Transportation, representing Ifako-Ijaiye Constituency 01. Desmond Elliot can as well do the same or even more and not just talk, talk is cheap. 


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