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COZA Pastor slept with Busola’s sister too – Another female testifier


Amid allegations of rape levelled against the Senior Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly Biodun Fatoyinbo, another testifier has said the COZA Pastor slept with Bisola’s sister too.

In the release tagged “Still on Pastor MaCOZA”, on social media, she wrote, “My thought on Biodun Fatoyinbon is very clear.

“I attended same school with Biodun. I also attended his church from wonderland gardens to Kwara Hotel to Stella Obasanjo Hall.

“I left the church because I had it up to my chin and if I didn’t leave I would have been arrested one day or would be trending for interrupting his sermon and screaming at him.

“Busola Dakolo is an Ilorin girl to the core. We grew up together. She used to be an innocent Christian girl with a firebrand for Christ. She changed suddenly and no one knew details. We only hear rumors then. Busola hater Church after some years but found her way back for reasons known to her.

“Biodun was a Cultist infact the hitman for the Black Ace confranternity and he raped so many girls before he gave his life to Christ. This is a confirmed story because his number 2 and 3 were my neighbors in Osi Road in Adewole Estate while I was growing up.

“He gave his life to Christ and became supposedly born again.

“That Biodun sleeps with women and girls serially is no news. I personally know more than 5 friends who he has slept with while being a Pastor (Dont forget I was a foundation member of COZA and I have those girls on speed dial if necessary).

“The only accusation I cannot come out boldly to state is that of rape because Biodun has all the qualities a woman wants. They throw themselves at him naturally.

“If a woman comes out today and say Biodun raped her today I would probably not believe because his PCU unit in Church is filled with women who quarrel and fight to be part of the unit.

“But if anyone said he raped her years ago, I won’t find it hard.

“Biodun was a serial rapist as a cultist and being born again might not completely erase traces of that in him.

“To be honest, COZA was a fishing spot for us back then. You wanted a clean fine well dressed girl who said she loved God, COZA was your destination. Tales abound.

“But I won’t castigate Busola. If you knew Busola then you will know that it took her a great deal to do this.

“Now write this down today and one day you will probably hear this

Biodun slept with Busola’s sister too………. you heard it here first.”

Addressing the congregation on Sunday, Fatoyinbo said the yearly special programme titled, ‘Seven Days of Glory,’ which usually takes place from July 1 to July 7, had been suspended.

His speech was greeted with chants of ‘we love you pastor’ from worshippers.

Earlier, the church, which usually begins its sermon at 10am, held a session of testimonies by female members, apparently with the aim of rubbishing allegations that Fatoyinbo was a rapist.

About seven women came out one after another to share their ‘COZA experience’.

The women all claimed that their lives had hit rock bottom but God used Fatoyinbo to save them from destruction.


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