City105.1 FM’s Melody Hassan is a cheat


Melody Hassan, self acclaimed ‘Godiva-Princess’ of City105.1 FM and the presenter of City Café, a game and music-driven show has been described by a listener as fake and a cheat.

In a chat with People & Politics, the listener (name withheld) described the Cell Biology and Genetic graduate of the University of Lagos as unreal and a cheat who will not fulfill the promise made to her listeners on the radio programme when they win gifts from her quiz.

Recounting his experience with the City105.1 FM presenter, the listener said “I called in last year in one of the programmes, she asked a question and I got the answer, but I waited to no avail to receive the credit meant for the winner of the question.

“Meanwhile, it was just N1, 500 recharge card, but to my dismay, it wasn’t sent to me, why would you promise and fail to fulfill what you said on air?” he told People & Politics.

According to the listener, he called back on another programme to complain, but the moment he mentioned his case, Melody immediately yanked her off.

“As a matter of fact, the day I called in again, I knew the answer to the question that was asked, but I told her if I answered the question, I will still be denied my price and I tried to share my previous experience, and she immediately cut me off the line.

“She then called me directly, she mentioned my name, querying why I had to say that on air, and I told her it was the truth, which was my experience with her and her show.


“I thought she would redeem the promise afterward, I expected her to be civil instead of ranting, and surprisingly she didn’t, up till this time. And there’s no doubt in my mind that she must have done same to many others.

“Why should people call in with excitement and in the long run you dampen them by denying them the price they have won? Instead of maintaining an existing relationship, you ruin that by not making good your promise. Why make promises you aren’t going to fulfill?

“I’m sure if I call now, she won’t pick my call, it will definitely be on a black list”, he said.


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