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Busola’s story, like Potiphar’s wife – Daddy Freeze


A social activist and media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, better known as Daddy Freeze, has likened the case of Busola Dakolo and Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo to that of Potiphar’s wife and Joseph.

The ripples caused by the rape saga involving the founder of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo, and  Busola Dakolo, a photographer and wife of popular musician, Timi Dakolo, took an interesting turn during the week.

Mrs Dakolo’s case was thrown out by a High Court in the Federal Capital Territory.

The court also ordered her to pay N1m for wasting it’s time. Busola had accused Fatoyinbo of allegedly raping her more than once as a teenager when she was a member of his church in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The court ruling has however triggered an uproar online as Nigerians continue to express their opinions about the development on different social media platforms.

As expected, the camps of the Dakolos and Fatoyinbos haven’t minced words in giving their views.

Busola, through her lawyers, said she would appeal the judgment.

Speaking about the controversial issue, Daddy Freeze, said the fact that the western world listens to women first can sometimes put men in jeopardy.

He said, “Legally, Fatoyinbo is innocent until he has been proven guilty.  The burden of proof legally lies on the accuser and not the accused.

“If I say you stole or did something to me, I have to prove it legally. So legally he (Fatoyinbo) is innocent.

“Secondly, rape is a criminal case/charge; why did they file a civil case? (That is) probably because there was no evidence. Now, I’m not undermining Busola’s plea. However, I have daughters and sons and God forbid that anything should happen to them or that someone should accuse them falsely.

“The fact that the western world listens to our women first can sometimes put our men in jeopardy. There are many men in prison today simply because a woman said (something).”


Further stressing his point with a story in the Bible, Freeze said Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of sleeping with her but backed her claim by grabbing his cloak and screaming to draw enough attention as evidence.

He said despite that, an innocent Joseph was still sent to prison. Freeze, however, said it was important to give both the female and male children equal rights.

The leader of #FreeTheSheeple movement added, “If Busola didn’t have evidence, she should have been advised by her lawyers to speak about her ordeal without mentioning the name of the party, because without evidence it might become a case of defamation of character, especially when it happened a long time ago.”

He said although women should always speak out, they should know the consequences of doing that and be well-advised.

Freeze noted that the real truth lies between Busola Dakolo, Fatoyinbo and God because the latter knows all things.

He said, “There is no justice like God’s justice and if you choose not to go with that, you might as well submit yourself to the legal system, which requires certain parameters, and not being able to fulfil the parameters could put you in trouble.”

Daddy Freeze also stressed that his strained relationship with the parties involved would not stop him from speaking the truth.

“The scriptures are clear. Those who reject the truth are the sons of Satan and they work like their father (Satan) who is the father of all liars,” he said.

Freeze also said he sympathised with the parties involved, adding that he had reached out to both Timi Dakolo and Fatoyinbo but they declined.

Bisola’s allegation came after Ese Walter accused Fatoyinbo of having sex with her, as a pastor and a married man.



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