Barbaric killing at Shehu Shagari College of Education: Terrorism in disguise

It is weird that some sets of idiots will go ahead to gruesomely kill a fellow human being in the name of blasphemy. It is even more crazy that some idiots believe they can fight for God or gods. No man, I repeat, no man can defend God.

The killing of the lady simply identified as Ms Deborah should attract immediate justice without any delay. The perpetrators of this heinous crime should not go unpunished, else, it will be the beginning or phase of another terrorism in the country.

If some people could stone and beat a fellow human being to death in broad daylight and even burn same, this is not just callous and inhumane, it is devilish. No sensible human being in a sane mind will do that. They appear more like devil’s incarnate because God will not ask anyone to kill another for Him, unless we are not talking about the same God.

I await the reaction of those swift to act and react clerics, their silence is also a reaction but I am watching keenly.

May I note that this is how terrorism begins. The same way terrorists will abduct and kill innocent people, film it and share it online, that was the exact thing these idiots did. So for me, they are terrorists.

They didn’t just abuse or infringe on her fundamental human rights, they terminated her existence. This is the crime here, in the face of God, man and the law governing the country. If such heinous act could be carried out in an institution of learning, I’m afraid, what is it they are teaching them? Who are the managers of such an institution? What is their vision? All these are questions that should be attended to, because I see fire on the mountain.

How could some sets of students have the guts to kill within the school premises in broad daylight, believing they were doing what is right? Was it done in a second? Was there no security within the school premises? Was there no school authority around?


In that video, those seen stoning and beating the girl were male students. Was she the only female student around? If there were other female students, were they part of the criminal act? Their position should be made known, I think Nigerians deserves to know.

Meanwhile, any institution of learning that allows such horrible and abominable show should not even exist. If the school is not totally shut down then we already know the kind of products they will dishout.

Ms Deborah died a bad death, the death not even deserving for an enemy. Or was she an enemy? Come to think of it, how were they relating before the blasphemy accusation set in? Did she have friends in that school? Nigerians are watching.

For anybody that cares to know, those acclaimed students are terrorists, they can’t live among humans. No human being will kill another and even burn same. A feminine for that matter. I don’t care what you say the lady’s offence is, the boys should not be made to escape the wrath of the law, else, Nigeria is done for.





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