ATSO elects Lagos Governor, others

Association of Tutorial School Operators (ATSO), Lagos Chapter, on Saturday, January 30th, successfully conducted elections for the office of the Governor and other Executive positions. 

The election which was held at Bachel Model College Multipurpose Hall, Gardol, Ifako-Ijaiye, started with the accreditation of delegates from all zones by 9am till 11:30am.

People & Politics gathered that the aspirants presented their manifestos to their esteemed members on the preceeding Wednesday, January 27th.

The first delegate casted his vote at exactly 12:19pm and within the pace of an hour, all accredited delegates had casted their votes without any hitch. At 1:46pm the vote had been sorted and counted by the presiding officers, in the presence of the available agents and observers.

The position of the Governor was contested by Abiona Kayode Samson, an ATSO member since 2013, from Ikorodu zone, and Odukomaya Adedapo, Zonal Chairman of Alimosho (Self acclaimed Most Vibrant Zone), a politician and a former student union leader at Lagos State University .

In a brief interview with People & Politics, Abiona claimed he had paid his dues in the association, though he had not held any executive position in the past, but he was part of the formation and inauguration of virtually all zones in and outside Lagos. He plans to start ATSO state magazine and create a conducive environment within the association in Lagos State and also introduce a good welfare package.


He also added that if he doesn’t emerge the winner, he will support the winner with all his strength and capacity. 

On his own part, Odukomaya believes that his 8 point agenda will make the association more attractive for other intending members to join and enable the government to give due recognition to ATSO. 

The election was observed by accredited bodies and personalities, headed by Dr Elejulo Kehinde, fondly referred to as Kenny Jesus, the oldest Tutorial owner and Chairman, ATSO Elders in Council. 

The Chairman Electoral Commission ATSO and CEO/Director of Studies, Bachel Group of Schools, Hon. Fasusi Ayokunle Kolawole at 1:50pm announced the results of the election. All officers for other executive offices were returned unopposed aside from the governorship position.

Hon. Fasusi announced that Odukomaya Adedapo polled 9 votes from the total valid votes, while Abiona Kayode Samson recorded 34 votes from the total valid votes. Abiona was however declared and returned as the winner of ATSO Lagos State Governorship election. 

The election was adjudged by the observers as free and fair. Kenny Jesus described the winner as a lucky person, “he is the choice of the people, vox populi vox dei. It was a stiff and keenly contested election, and as a result, the elected governor must do well. If he does not, the people will rise against him”, he said. 

Odukomaya immediately went to embrace Abiona. He congratulated him and announced that it was not a do or die affair, that it meant people want the elected governor to continue his good work. “It was an election, not a selection. It was a credible one and I am proud to have contested. I wish the elected officers a credible tenure”, he said. 

The Chairman Electoral Commission, Hon. Fasusi, popularly known as Mr. Bachel told People & Politics that this was the first successful election conducted since the beginning of ATSO, “for almost 8 years that we have started ATSO, we’ve not been able to conduct any election. All efforts were not successful and we deemed it fit this year that we must have a successful election. And to the glory of God we have done it now and we shall move from here”, he said. 


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