Agege PDP demands Dabiri, says no to uncredible candidate

The Peoples Democratic Party, Agege Constituency 02 have insisted that the only credible and sellable candidate for the Lagos State House of Assembly, that can win for the party is Hon. Dabiri Bamidele Rasheed.

They clamoured that any name short of Dabiri will not fly, as Dabiri is the only credible candidate, whose features has been attested to as the only one that can turn around the story of PDP in Agege.

This was stated in a communique issued by the members of PDP FOR WINNING, signed by its Publicity Secretary, Adebari Adelaja, and a copy made available to People & Politics.

The group expressed displeasure about the undemocratic presentation of the name of one Shogo Ejikunle whom they claimed does not have the clout to win the general election.

The statement read in parts: “The manipulation of the primary election by some unscrupulous elements within the party is a ‘No No’, unacceptable and we reject the selection of Shogo Ejikunle in totally.


“The man in question cannot win for the party, he doesn’t have the clout. The leadership of the party, both at the National and State level should come to the grassroot to sample the opinion of all members, and they will deduce themselves without any ambiguity, the honour the candidature of Hon. Dabiri Bamidele Rasheed will do to the party.

“Dabiri is acceptable both to the party and the community. If a proper primary election is conducted 10 times, via direct, indirect or concensus, Dabiri will not miss out once. But it has come to the public glare that some few sets of people are interested in trading the victory and glory of the party for their purse.

“We are quite aware that the PDP LG Chairman, Otun Olayiwola with his group have been bought by Ogundimu group from APC party. That is why he single handedly submitted Shogo’s name to the detriment of PDP, and this will sure have a negative consequence

“If the party seriously needs to win, then the leaders should wade in now and do the needful. This is no time to rubbish those that are greatly concerned about the greatness of the party for some people’s purse, stop rubbishing the labour of loyal PDP members”.

People & Politics gathered that some members of the PDP from Agege Constituency 02, last Tuesday went on a peaceful protest to the State Party Secretariat at Adeniyi Jones, to demand for the submission of Dabiri’s name as the party candidate for LSHA seat.

Agege PDP members on peaceful protest to state party secretariat to demand for Dabiri as LSHA candidate
Agege PDP members on peaceful protest to state party secretariat to demand for Dabiri as LSHA candidate

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