Access Bank: Customers lament ill treatment


The customers of Access bank have terribly lamented about the undue ridicule they have been subjected to outside and within the banking premises

Customers were subjected to poor treatment, on Thursday, waiting several hours before they could transact or be turned back with their hope dashed. 

People & Politics at Access Bank, Joju branch, Sango, gathered that customers have to wait outside the gate for about an hour or more before they are allowed to go into the bank premises. After which they will wait again in the premises before they are allowed into the banking hall.

“On getting here, the bank gate was locked, they were not allowing people into the premises, they said the compound was full enough, after we stood outside the gate for more than an hour, some of us were allowed into the compound, where there were three dozens of chairs.


“Our names were written and we were asked to wait till we are called to enter the banking hall, we’ve been sitting here for the past two hours, and we are yet to be called” a customer lamented.

An old woman was seen crying in the premises, she said: “I am going to Idiroko, I need to collect the 1,500 naira in my account to proceed with my journey, after waiting for an hour outside the gate, I was allowed in, only to be told that I cannot withdraw anything less than 150,000 naira in the bank, except I have an ATM card.

“I explained to the security agents that I do not have an ATM card because I cannot operate it due to my age and so I’ve always done in-bank withdrawals, but they insisted I need to get an ATM card and collect it before I can get the money” she said. 

Asked how old the aged woman is, she said 80.

Other customers in the premises attested to the non-challant attitude of the officials in coordinating people’s entrance into the bank, they said they’re not organized and are operating based on nepotism.


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