18 SOLDIERS WASTED BY BANDITS, HAS THE STORY CHANGED? By Lagos Based Public Analyst, Korede Sanya


Five years of the APC government bandits are still killing without a respite in sight. It is a colossal failure on the system.

GEJ government was blamed for crass incompetence for looking on with the insurgents. But has the story changed? The obvious answer is left to the readers for conclusions.

I met a soldier who was on the field in sambisa forest and the young vibrant soldier showed some gory pictures of massacred soldiers. And I almost weeped. I even had the effrontery to advise the gentleman to join the league of deserters by resigning from the service of the military like we have been hearing on social media.


Alas two days later the news broke that 18 trained, funded soldiers were wasted by the so called bandits. And I asked, “do we really have a capable government in place?”

Let us all put our imaginations to work, if an insurrection on USA soil wasted the lives of 18 marine soldiers. Imagine what the Donald Trump govt reaction would have been. Despite been taunted as incompetent to rule the country by the CNN led media. My imagination shows him roasting those behind the killings without mercy and even snookering out possible sponsors both within and outside USA soil. And that is called patriotic leadership.

At this stage of what we are facing as a nation. The government must step up her game and ensure the safety of the nation. Or how long do we keep using kid gloves in handling unwarranted killings of innocent Nigerian and massacre of our armed forces?

Something urgent must be done. Even if it means doing away with the obvious incompetent service chiefs. The civil society must rise up to demand safety of Nigerians from this government. And PMB must remember his CHANGE electoral promise and work harder to achieve the same for Nigeria.

Corona virus is spreading and killing both the mighty and the people (masses) without a feasible tangible strategy to stem the spike. And we still have to contend with bandits killing. Haba, the current situation called for a mad and maddened solution. Someone somewhere should get angry and say enough is enough.

Pls the intention is not hate speech but let’s view ourselves in the mirror to see if we are moving in the right direction as promised by the CHANGE AND NEXT LEVEL MANTRA. Abi next level na to dey loose soldiers the nation has invested so much on to protect the nation against external aggression?

Enough of killings.


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